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Group Exhibitions - Switzerland

This sections presents the information collected on group exhibitions in Switzerland, where paintings of Otto Wyler were exhibited. So far we have documented 50 group exhibitions, based on data received from SIK Zurich, Kunstbreite and other sources. For most of these we obtained copies of catalogues and other relevant publications, part of which can be found 

in the O.W. archive.


Link to exhibition list: Group exhibitions (50) 


Following are samples of the catalogues of the Kunsthaus Zurich exhibitions:



50 works


Catalogue (PDF 2.9MB)


October 04 - October 28

15 works


Catalogue (PDF 1.2MB)



March 07 - April 04

7 works

Catalogue (PDF 1.3MB)


January 11 - April 01

20 works

Catalogue (PDF 1.3MB)


October 10 - November 11

8 works

Catalogue (PDF 2.4MB)


March 29 - April 23

12 works

Catalogue (PDF 951KB)

Group 1.png
Group 2.png
Group 3.png
Group 4.png
Group 5.png
Group 6.png
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