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Credit, authorization, privacy & copyrights 

This website is not commercial; it was established & will be maintained as homage to Otto Wyler and his paintings.


Before publishing any of his works and related documentation such as articles, catalogues, etc., we will do our best to request the permission by the current owners of the paintings, if accidentally some works were added to the website without such an authorization, we apologize for doing this and request that we will be notified via email.


For each painting there is a “ detail list “ which will include as many data as possible, such as: name of painting, year, subject, medium, physical dimensions, location painted, etc.. However in order to respect the privacy of all owners, we will not list in any form information we have on current owners, their addresses and additional information.


The following people have supported us professionally in the establishment of this website, for which we are very thankful and therefore we decided to mention them in this section:


Mr. Mathias Oberli, SIK, Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Doron Lurie, Tel Aviv, Israel

Mr. Gil Goldfine, Tel Aviv, Israel

Thanks go to my cousins Tom and Robert Fellner, Daniel Wyler (Switzerland), Sylvia Wyler (USA), my brother Ruben (Holland), Museums / art related institutes, and many private owners of works of Otto Wyler for contributing precious information to the catalogue.


Wolfgang Straub, a cousin living in Switzerland, has contributed to the elaboration of the digital catalogue of the works of Otto Wyler and made large parts of it accessible again on the OW website.


Mrs. Brigitt Lattmann, Switzerland

Mr. Jorg Muller, Switzerland

Mr. Avi Chai, Israel

Web presence, design and implementation:

Lotem Hamama

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